Monday, May 4, 2009

The Need for Blogging

I still dont get it...Why do people blog? Free insights to the world? Fulfilling the lack of humor one blog at a time? Literary elaboration practice? Or may be people with too much time at hand. I thought about it. At first i assumed it was a socially communicable disease that is part of the whole social networking phenomenon - that the World Health Organization will learn to control at some point in future. But come on guys we got to take individual responsibility at some point. So here are my top 7 reasons why 'people' blog: 

1. Its the new part of 'Cool' (Good Luck!! Hope this does it for you)
2. Repressed Childhood (Sorry about it. Sssh...lets be quiet about it and move onto the next reason before people take notice!) 
3. Know 5 others who are learning and practising a new language (probably english would be a good choice)
4. Repressed Present ('All' Inside..........!!!)
5. Great thoughts in mind (or may be just overheard somewhere..What the hell? Finders, Keepers, right?)
6. Personal Responsiblity (to tickle the world!) 
7. Revenge (They hate the world or may be just the people who are invited to read their blog)

Hmm...Does writing blogs make one smarter too? Ponder on...and add it to the list if you deem fit.

Jokes apart - There are probably a few genuine thinkers, jokers and writers among all of us...and i guess that is the lonestar we are all in search of!! But all in all - whatever be your reason, it probably makes sense to the add our voice to the existing cacophony of blogs 'coz it lets us all express ourselves in our own unique ways (and that i think is the answer to my initial question). 

So all you blogger people - Carry on with your posts......and......Welcome  To  Earth :-) I am sure we can all exist together!

Back to the Blog Board

This must be the most anyone has ever refrained from blogging - a whole two years!! (Reason: I have been thinking all this while!!) So here's a second flag off. 

Monday, January 15, 2007

Flaggin Off

Even with not too much time at hand, i have decided to do the world a favor - I shall blog. Mighty minds make mighty impressions - they say. So here is my feeble, yet definitve attempt to rekindle your thoughts, awaken your minds and randomize your brain waves.

One statutory warning - the thoughts on this page may be highly disturbing to the under developed mind.
So if you have one - do not read further. Click the little cross on the top right of this page and close the window. (Just helping u figure out this complex world!)

If you are still reading this, i assume its b'coz you have a supremely developed mind. Hmmmmm........Hmmmmmm.........GOTCHA!! So much of crap and you are still reading? Are you out of your mind? Sorry to say this...but i have serious apprehensions about your self image!!