Monday, January 15, 2007

Flaggin Off

Even with not too much time at hand, i have decided to do the world a favor - I shall blog. Mighty minds make mighty impressions - they say. So here is my feeble, yet definitve attempt to rekindle your thoughts, awaken your minds and randomize your brain waves.

One statutory warning - the thoughts on this page may be highly disturbing to the under developed mind.
So if you have one - do not read further. Click the little cross on the top right of this page and close the window. (Just helping u figure out this complex world!)

If you are still reading this, i assume its b'coz you have a supremely developed mind. Hmmmmm........Hmmmmmm.........GOTCHA!! So much of crap and you are still reading? Are you out of your mind? Sorry to say this...but i have serious apprehensions about your self image!!

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